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Wedding, Corporate, Party and Prom Photo Booth Hire & Rental

Parties and proms are special times. You will want to look back on those occasions for years to come. With the advancement of trends and the technology for unique style and themed parties, there are so much more to offer to help you to remember the standard photograph album. A photo booth will add spice of fun and excitement to the event.
Photo booths have become amazingly popular in parties and proms. With various props on hand, they give hours of fun and excitement. As an added bonus, your visitors will be able to take their prints home.

Visitors will have a fun time while posing at the camera and printed pictures can take home as a souvenir of the occasion. Our booths includes touchscreen button to start, view, screen countdown and strips for automatic printing. The device analyses every photo and making adjustments to have a wonderful looking photo. Using the settings the prints output is adjustable and configure easily. It can duplicate the prints so the guest can have several copies of photos. All the taken images are being saved for future reference and for compiling pictures. By the use of this modern digital photo booths and modern photography tools, you can edit the picture taken if you are not satisfies with it; you can add some background and design in it.

Corporate & Event Photo Booth Hire & Rental

Photo booths Essex is a fun and unique way for brands and companies to engage with their clients.
Renting or hiring a photo booth, for an occasion or as part of a marketing campaign, is a great way to increase brand exposure by adding your logo to the photos and booths. Plus the pictures can be shared on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter which permit your brand to be included in a viral campaign. Photo booth is designed to permit number of easy branding choices and as such they can be fully or partially wrapped. It also offers different photo booth backgrounds, designs and props.

When you rent or hire a photo booth for a corporate occasion, you can add your logo to the prints to increase brand exposure. As a way of marketing and promoting their company or brand, many corporate events hire a photo booth. This kind of photo booth worked with large companies and provides booths for festivals, road shows, retail events, company activities, exhibitions, launch events, Christmas parties and openings.

There is no boundary on how a photo booth can be used to endorse your brand. A photo booth {town_essex} provides one of the most subtle ways to get your brand or logo seen. But because photo booth is such fun and exciting, individual will be keen to not only have their picture taken and just put it in a photo album but to share it online with their friends too.

Kids Parties Photo Booth Hire

Kids love parties and taking pictures too. They find it fun and exciting. Every year, preparing a party especially a birthday party is really challenging to parents since many matters should be taken into consideration such as the venue, foods, number of visitors and so on. Now, in addition to that challenge is hiring or renting a photo booth for the kid’s party.

Photo booth brings tons of excitement and fun to guests especially the kids will love the different props, the silly faces, and how fun the kids’ party was. Visitor has a blast with this photo booth, and after the photo is shot the real magic begins.
If you are looking for a unique and fun party for your kids a photo booth will add something extra to the party.

Wedding Photo Booth for Hire & Rental

Photo booths are now becoming very popular at any event. Its usage depends on the hosted activity or events. Modern trends of renting a photo booth for a wedding are known anywhere today. They give a wonderful way for the couple and the visitors enjoy, commemorate the event and have fun.
Photo Booth are a way of entertaining guest and to generate camaraderie for the couple and their guest in their wedding reception. This photo booth is not just for kids and it will add excitement and fun in your wedding day.